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Jennys Right Sumatra
The peak
Karang Nymbor wave
Karang Nymbor Sumatra, South Sumatra
Krui Waves Sumatra
Krui Surf wave, Krui Right
Jennys wave Sumatra
Mandiri beack breaks
Honeys smack Sumatra
Mandiri surf camp

        The surf at West Sumatra coast has something for            everyone...


                     From grommies to  seasoned pros. From reef breaks to beachies Krui surf

                     region is wide, varied & our place is  within easy reach of them all. 

                     Just in front of the resort you can enjoy the perfect wave UJUNG BOCUR, is the most                                    constant lefthander wave in the area.  

Banana Island wave
  Many lefts, many rights, lot of secrets waiting for you...


           Arround the surfcamp you can find a lot of different waves, point breaks, beach breaks...

           There are soon  many different waves within striking distance of the camp that there is

           something for everyone. Some are right out our backyard, sometimes we´ll make one hour

           and go to a more distant locations. Do not wait to tell you about it!!!come to visit us...


The Ujung Bocur Bungalows

Jl. Pantai Wisata Tanjung Setia, Pesisir Selatan, Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia 34875.

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